Message of the Chief Secretary

Western Province consists of three main districtswith highest population including Colombo,which is considered as the administrative district of Sri Lanka, Gampaha and Kaluthara districts.

Colombo district, where many Public and Private Institutions are located is a commercial center. Therefore, the number of people reaching Colombo city for their daily duties has increased day by day.

With the busyness of human life, the communityis marching towards an era of utilizing modern technology to make things easier for them. Accordingly, people living in remote areas as well as in urban areas are eager to obtain information required for their work through modern technology.

 Accordingly, avoiding difficulties in getting their services done through the Western Provincial Council, people living in the western province as well as in other provinces will be able to access the websites of all the divisions of the Office of the Chief Secretary as well as the websites of all the ministries, departments and institutions of the Provincial Council.I believe that you will be able to get your necessities fulfilled and to make your work easy by being ableto know the information about relevant institutions.

I cordially request you to refer this web site in order to obtain different duties fulfilled by the Provincial Council.

Pradeep Yasarathne,

Chief Secretary,

Western Province.