Message of the Chief Secretary

Western Province is a province which consists of three densely populated main districts of Gampaha and Kalutara, including the Colombo district, which is considered as the administrative district of Sri Lanka.

Many public and private institutions are located in the Colombo city which is considered as a commercial center. Therefore, the number of people reaching the Colombo city to get their daily duties accomplished, has been increasing day by day. With the busy nature of the human lifestyle, the community is moving towards an era in which they can easily get their activities done by using the modern technology. Therefore, people living in both rural and urban areas are eager to obtain information required for their activities, through the modern technology. Accordingly, all the people living in the Western Province including the people of other provinces, can access the websites of all the Sections of the Chief Secretariat as well as the websites of all the Ministries, Departments and Institutions functioning under the Provincial Council to get their work done through the Provincial Council without any problem. It is my belief that, by getting to know the information of the necessary institutions, it will facilitate you in information reception and getting your work done by the necessary institutions.

Therefore, I respectfully request you hereby to utilize this website to get your work done easily when you obtain various services from the Western Provincial Council.

S.L. Dhammika K. Wijayasinghe,

Chief Secretary,

Western Province.